Introduction and important terms



In this section an overview is given of the Device Manager of the platform. The tasks of the Device Manager in the platform are the following:

  • Onboard of physical devices and assets 
  • Create, rename, update, and delete Device Types
  • List available devices and assets and their regarding metadata
  • Manage and update device firmware 
  • Organize devices by using search and filter functionality
  • Swap defective device with new devices
  • Blacklist devices 
  • Set and read the status of single devices 
  • Set or change the affiliation of device within different containers in the platform

To access the Device Manager within the platform click here:

Important terms


Some device of a device type that can send data (measurements etc.) to our cloud. What data it sends is governed by the device type and its channels. Some of the data may also be related to the state of the device itself, for example battery voltage or geo location.

Device Type

A type of device. Has zero or more Channels numbered from 1 to n.


A set of criteria to dynamically select resources. The criteria in a filter are either all linked via boolean AND (“matches all of the following criteria”), or all are linked via boolean OR (“matches any of the following criteria”).

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