Overview device onboarding



This will give a short and first overview of the device on-boarding of single devices on the platform.


  1. The device will be shipped with a unique (external) identification number
  2. A JSON file will be adjusted with the unique external identification number. Every device needs to make use of it´s specific JSON file template since it also defines the data channels of this device type. These pre-defined JSON files for a device type are available in the next section of this documentation. In addition, the platform enables you to define these templates yourself for further sensors. 
  3. The JSON file with the unique (external) identification number and unique device type number (which is part of the JSON template) needs to be uploaded to the platform.
  4. The single device is now on-boarded to the platform and can be added to containers in the platform. After it is added to a container, a dashboard e.g. can be used for visualization purposes.

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