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In order to create or update a container type, the user navigates to Assets (1) and therein to the tab Container Type Manager (2). The existing container types, including the built-in container types (Space, Device, KPI, ...), are listed here. As it is our good practice, a search (3) is available to refine the listing. Via the plus-symbol, the dialog to create a new container type can be started. A new container type can be created on the basis of an existing container type, or it can be created from scratch (4).

Create a new Container Type

Click on the "+" for a new container type (4). A container type has a name, a space within which it will be available. It also, optionally, has an icon and tags. 

In a second step you need to design and enter meta data (1) for this specific container type. For the Container Type of a e.g. production plan add a Property (2), a name and select a metadata type (3).

On click, a preview (4) with dummy-values is available. Once a container type has been created, it is possible to create containers of that type via the Container Manager. The name, the icon and the tags of a container type can be changed later by editing it via the UI. However, changing the space or editing the meta-data attributes of a container type are operations that should be considered carefully in case there already exist containers of that container type.

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