Dynamic definition of container contents with filters



In addition to the powerful concept of Spaces and Containers the concept of filters is added and available. This gives the opportunity of a dynamic definition of contents of different Containers which may also be of different Container Types. This is a very powerful tool since you are able to collect a variety of data across logic entities defined by containers without changing the organisations structure.  

A filter is thereby a set of criteria to dynamically select resources. The criteria in a filter are either all linked via boolean AND (“matches all of the following criteria”), or all are linked via boolean OR (“matches any of the following criteria”).

Use existing filters to create a new container

In order to use the content of one or more filter you got to the Asset Manager (1) and then to the Container Manager (2). As a next step open the user interface to create a new Container (3).

As a next step click first on"Content" (4) and then on "Manage filters" (5). This will lead to an overview of all existing filters.

In this overview (6) you see all available filters which already have been defined.

By clicking the check boxes (7) the content of the specific filter will be included in the container´s after applying (8) it.

All content is now included and listed (9). After saving (10) all content of the filter is included.

Create a new filter

To create a new filter click on the "+" in the right upper corner in the "Manage filters" overview (5). Now you have the ability by setting conditions to a set of parameters (12) to dynamically add resources. After defining parameters and conditions you need to save the new filter. As a result the new filter is available in the overview and can be used by clicking the checkbox.

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