How to set up an alarm?


To set up an alarm a Alarm Template needs to be created. This Alarm Template will create an alarm if it does reach the critical parameters defined in the Alarm Template.

Create an Alarm Template

Go to the KPI Manager (1) and browse to the Alarm Templates tab (2). There click on the "+" (3). 

In the next view you are able to set all important parameters for the alarm you like to create as a template:

  • Name of the Alarm Template (4)
  • Brief description (5)
  • Choose the target type which might be of the type device (6)
  • The channel type will set the channel for the monitored value (7)
  • Manage Filters (8)
  • Alarm type (9)
  • Threshold value (10)
  • Set a severity level of the alarm (11)
  • You can set different notification methods (12)
  • Add Tags (13)
  • Add a responsible user (14)

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