Introduction and important terms



In this section an overview is given of alarms and tickets of the platform. The tasks of alarms within the platform are the following: 

  • Create, edit, delete and clone alert configuration templates 
  • Freezing an alarm template when it was triggered 
  • Permit and restrict editing of configuration templates by users 
  • Setting a responsible user for a specific alarm 
  • Setting notes when a certain alarm goes off 
  • Setting different levels of alarms 
  • Setting alarms dependent of one or more time series 
  • Overview and filtering of created alarm tickets 
  • E-Mail notification by the event of an alarm or ticket

To access the alarm section within the platform click here (KPIs(1), Alarms(2) and Alarm Templates(3)): 

Important terms:

Alarm configuration  

An aggregation of a generic KPI and responsible users/user roles to react when the KPI values are outside healthy limits which will be applied to specific assets/devices

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