How to create a dashboard?


Create a dashboard 

In order to create a dashboard you first create a Dashboard template which can be reused for later dashboards. It is also necessary that you created at least one Container with a device in order to create a dashboard which will make use of these datapoints.

  1. To create a dashboard template navigate to the Dashboard Manager:
  2. Now you can specify in which group it contains(1) and give tags for the purpose of filtering within the platform. As a next step switch to the builder (3) to build the dashboard itself.
  3. In the builder you need to define a grid you want to use (1). After choosing a layout you can select within the widget a widget type and you can select a filter for it. If you want to add another widget to the layout press the "add widget" button on the right (2).


  1. Go to the Dashboard Manager and enter details for a new dashboard template. Go to the builder and chose a grid you wish to use. Next step is to click on the "select filter" in order to chose a container which includes all sensors and devices of an asset. 
  2. In the next window you can choose the container(s) you wish to include.
  3. For the next step click on the "select widget type" to choose your preferred widget type. 
  4. You now created a dashboard in the platform.

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