How to use the machine sensor dashboard?


Access the machine sensor dashboard (MSD)

Log in to the Machine Sensor Dashboard

Use the same log-in credentials as for the platform under following URL:

How to access different assets

After log-in you can chose different assets (1) and information about the assets (2) available within the MSD:

Functionality and visualization

It's all about seeing at a glance: What is the overall condition of the asset? How many plants and components are active and in what condition are they (e.g. individual extraction units)?

The large status area with its 10 sections represents the condition of the entire asset from 0-100% (in the example 99.01%). This value is complexly calculated and processed from all available data of the entire asset.

The asset itself then contains several plants and components, which are represented by the points within the large status area. These can be active or inactive and are represented in their status with different colors. This way you can see at a glance how many plants and components are in order and can directly take care of those which, for example, report a breakdown (they will then appear in red).

By clicking on one of the points you will be directed directly to the corresponding subsection.

Performance dashboard

By clicking on "Go to performance dashboard" at the bottom of the view will show a more detailed dashboard.

In the performance dashboard an overview is given of multiply ventilation statuses (1) and the number of alterst (2) over time. Here for example the plants are listed by name. In addition it can be displayed how many alarms have been triggered by them in the past.

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