How to export a monthly report?

  1. On the main page of the Report Manager click on the plus sign just above the list of available Report Templates.
  2. Specify details of the Template by giving it a name, specifying the group by property and the scheduling interval in the form of a cron expression. Cron expression consists of the values of Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Day of month, Month, Day of week and Year separated by a space. A value could also be replaced with the „*“ if the field is required to stay indefinite.

    For instance, 0 0 12 * * ? expression will trigger report generation at 12:00 PM every day, whereas 0 10,44 14 ? 3 WED will trigger report generation at 2:10 PM and at 2:44 PM every Wednesday in the month of March. Read more about cron expressions here.
  3. Then, specify permissions of the Report Template. That will denote, users with which Roles will have an access to the generated Reports and the Report Template itself.
  4. Next, go to the Builder and set the layout of the Report Template. That will define, how various elements of the generated Report will be placed relative to each other.
  5. For each widget, a widget type and a data source have to be specified. That could be done by clicking on the buttons underneath a widget (pic. 7, 8, 9)
  6. Select Area Chart, Bar Chart, Donut Chart, Heatmap, Line Chart, Gauge, Pie Chart, Map, Table, Markdown or Vega as a Widget Type. Each Type requires a few attributes to be specified (e.g., color of the line, text to be displayed, etc.).
  7. As the next step, a Device which will serve as a data provider should be selected. That could be done using our Filter mechanism. The required Device could be filtered out by specific criteria, such as id or tag.
  8. Finally, a Channel of the Device should be specified using the same Filter mechanism.

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