Concept of Filter

Filters are a very important and powerful concept within the IoT Engine. It allows to dynamically select resources at runtime. Resources can be:

  • A single Device
  • A single Container
  • All Devices of one Device Type
  • All Containers of a Container Type 
  • All Containers except certain Containers
  • etc.

This allows to dynamically group Resources by Filters. As a result, the organisation structure is not a static construct and adopts when ever one or more parameters of a Device or Container changes. It is possible to include Filters in the following modules of the IoT Engine:

  • Asset and Container Manager
  • Dashboard Manager
  • Report Manager


One possibility to apply a filter is during the creation of a new Container (1 and 3). In the down left corner you can find the "Manage Filter" button (3).

After entering the "Manage Filter" interface an overview (4) is given of all created Filters and the ability is given to create a new Filter (5).

In the Filter creation view conditions for the Filter can be set. To add a condition 3 parameters have to be set: Property (6), Condition (7) and Value (8). For adding a Filter to a Container following entries are possible:


  • Container Type
  • Container Name
  • Tag
  • Reference UUID


  • is
  • is not
  • is greater than
  • is greater than or equal to
  • is less than
  • is less than or equal to
  • is like 
  • is not like 
  • includes 
  • excludes

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